The Cobra

The Cobra is ultimate “sweet spotter” because it is round, making the user “lay back the racket head” appropriately for the best contact with the ball.

The Ramp

The Ramp is a slanted board which helps a player create the figure 8 motion in the hips, including the verticality necessary in the proper coil. Waterproof and buit to last.

On Court Visuals

The On Court Visuals are the blue print to the big, effortless, natural-looking strokes of the pros. Great for learning and visualization.

Broudy Board

Do the figure 8! Solid and stable double swivel board to learn and groove proper, balanced hip rotation.

Everyone agrees, “Broudy tennis system is the best!”

Just to let you know we’re working on the things you taught Nils and I. It’s doing wonders. He is improving so quickly now. It’s so easy to understand. One basic thought that can be applied to all strokes. He is really getting it. I don’t need to say much during practice anymore. We just talk about it before or after.It seems like the Broudy System helps him in other sports as well. His rhythm and balance when he plays soccer and kendo are so much better. He is even getting stronger mentally, feeling really good about himself (but not in a cocky way.) Just really harmonious. Through all this he even gets his homework done in no time and he told me he enjoys school much more. Not that we didn’t enjoy it before but we have much more fun now.So this was to say thank you again!

Anders Edstrom, Tokyo, Japan
Mike Forman, MD

As a direct result of Jack's revolutionary teachings, Karen as well as my son Steven, have earned full tennis scholarships to play college tennis. Thank you Jack!

Mike Forman, MD
Helene Gittleman, Student

Jack Broudy is the first and only tennis coach I have ever worked with (and only online) who has been able to teach me how to master my strokes with an effortless motion. I think Jack’s system will help non-athletes add a newfound gracefulness to their time on the court while advanced players will add power, precision and, perhaps most importantly, enjoyment to their game.

Helene Gittleman, Student
Claudio Eulau, Tennis Pro

I am a teaching pro from Argentina and when I discovered Jack’s system there was a before and after. He is a mentor for me. Thanks Jack for all of the chats that we’ve had and still have. His system is great – second to none! He is a great teaching pro but just as important to me he is a very good person.”

Claudio Eulau, Tennis Pro