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Sam Querrey

Mike Bryan

CoCo Vandeweghe

Steve Johnson

Jack's Current World Class Courses:

The Broudy Tennis System sets the new standard for tennis instruction. Jack Broudy is a world-class tennis instructor who has discovered the real secrets behind the strokes of players like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, and it’s NOT “God-given talent!” Jack’s methods work for beginner tennis players to professionals, and finally break tennis down to its purest, simplest form. Jack’s proven methods are different than what you’ll hear at your local club, but they generate results again and again.

Jack offers online courses for players from beginner to advanced looking to improve their tennis game.

Mike Bryan with Jack on the tennis court

Jack working with Mike Bryan. Mike and his brother, Bob, are 16-time Grand Slam Champions!

Among other accomplishments Jack has worked with:

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    Multiple Collegiate National Champions
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    Peter Smith, NCAA 5 Time National Champion Coach of the USC Trojans
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    Tim Schnaible, Former Coach of Sam Querrey – Top 15 Men’s Singles Player
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    Steve Johnson, Top 50 Men’s Singles Player

With Broudy Tennis, you’re sure to improve your game and love tennis once again!

Is Online Tennis Instruction Right For You?

These tennis methods will change the way you play. If you…

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    Don’t currently love the way you play tennis.
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    Not sure how to fix your strokes or serve.
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    Don’t win as much as you'd like, and haven't improved much in years.
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    Don’t feel confident on the court, and aren't sure where to find answers.
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    Have tennis elbow, or other injuries when you play.

Then you need Broudy Tennis!

​​​​​​​After 15 minutes of my first lesson with Jack Broudy, I was hitting topspin effortlessly and with power... I'm in love with tennis again.

Keith S. Wilkinson

USTA Player

The Best Junior Tennis Coach

If your child has any of these issues, then Broudy Tennis can help.

If your child:

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    Doesn’t enjoy her or himself when playing tennis.
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    Can’t break out of the first or second round.
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    Wins matches, but still hasn’t won the big tournaments yet.
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    Always complains about their shoulder, elbow or wrist soreness.
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    Is afraid to play players substantially lower or higher in ability.

Then these systems will help them find their love of tennis again and start winning more matches.

As a direct result of Jack’s revolutionary teachings, Karen as well as my son Steven, have earned full tennis scholarships to play college tennis. Thank you Jack!

Michael Forman, M.D.

Father of NCAA All-American, Steven Forman

A New, Better Way to Think About Tennis

Jack Broudy’s Tennis system is truly revolutionary and life-changing for anyone who loves or would love to play a great game of tennis. This proven tennis system has been instrumental for American pros like Sam Querrey and Steve Johnson, worked with top coaches like Peter Smith of the 5 time National Champion USC Trojans, and Emilio Sanchez and top US college champions like Warren Wood and Steve Forman.

Professional Tennis Coach-Tim Schnaible

Tim Schnaible

Former Coach of Top 15 Player Sam Querrey

The Broudy Tennis System will provide you with a real clarity as to what’s going on at the elite levels of our sport. It will also provide you with the insights to develop your game to it’s fullest potential.

We make champions in every sense of the word. Our players enjoy the way they think and the way they play. While traditional tennis instruction teaches you to think about random tips like “move your feet… split step… racket head speed… racket back,” our students are imagining themselves lining up to the ball at the perfect angle, rotating their hips smoothly in and out of each groundstroke, syncing to the rhythmic speed and arch of the ball, and feeling the balanced recoiling and uncoiling into the ball. Once you get it, tennis has never been so simple!

Broudy Tennis is NOT just a better way to say the same old thing. This is a unique Tennis Operating System. Learn from our incredibly effective system that best explains the effortless movements used by the best players in the world!

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